Tulip NanoFat™

The Story of Tulip NanoFat™

Several years ago, leadership at Tulip noticed the impressive clinical outcomes Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele (Ghent, Belgium) were presenting and publishing on using what they termed nanofat. The doctors defined nanofat as a viable adipose product that can be injected intradermally with a 27g -30g needle. Its nature is regenerative, not structural.

While their results with nanofat were obvious, their process for producing nanofat was not easily reproducible outside of their facility. In addition, the characterization of nanofat had not been established. So, Tulip collaborated with Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele to develop a clinically validated system for processing nanofat. Next, Tulip collaborated with Dr. Ramon Llull to characterize the nanofat produced by that system.

The result of these collaborations and Tulip’s product development is Tulip’s NanoFat System.

What is Tulip NanoFat (TNF)?

  1. It achieves the required injectability rating of 27g – 30g
  2. It contains virtually the same viability as the native tissue.
  3. It falls within the regulatory guidelines of minimal manipulation under the same surgical exception.

Tulip NanoFat (TNF) is true in the sense that there is nothing added or taken away from the original adipose harvest other than unwanted fluids – it delivers virtually the same viability. It is true in that it meets the injectability criteria of the pioneers of nanofat, Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele. And it is true in that it fulfills Tulip’s intention to deliver the benefits of fat to millions.


What is TNF™?

The majority of tissues in your body have regenerative properties that allow you to maintain homeostasis (stability). Your fat, also known as adipose tissue, is the richest and most accessible source of these regenerative tissues and cells. Your fat has 100 to 500 times more reparative cells than other tissues in your body.

TNF™ (Tulip NanoFat) is your own (autologous) adipose tissue that is processed through a patent-pending system that makes the adipose tissue complex injectable with very fine instruments while maintaining essentially all of its potency.

How potent is TNF™?

A study recently published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal demonstrates that TNF is 10x more potent (per ml) than adipose-derived stem cells for site-specific applications. TNF produces the highest viability of regenerative cells of all regenerative procedures.

What happens during a TNF™ procedure?

TNF is a very low risk syringe procedure. The harvest is performed under local anesthesia in a few minutes through a small percutaneous punch. Often the harvest is taken from the abdomen or flanks where fat tissue is easily accessible. Once a few tablespoons of fat are harvested and processed, TNF is injected through very small (27gauge or 30 gauge) injectors into the dermis or subdermally TNF can be used alone, with growth factors from your own blood called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or with your own fat for fat transfer procedures.

What’s the difference between TNF™ and fat transfer?

Fat transfer has been used successfully for decades to restore soft tissue volume lost over time in the normal aging process. Adipose tissue used for fat transfer is injectable with larger instruments but is not practical for intradermal injections.

TNF now makes it possible to size down the adipose tissue into a viscosity that is injectable with very small injectors while maintaining the potency of its native regenerative properties. This makes TNF easy to inject into the skin with little or no bruising or swelling.

How can TNF™ help me?

Over time, your skin loses some of its ability to rejuvenate. This results in thinning of the skin, discoloration and laxity. Similar to the way plant food helps replenish the soil for a healthier, more vibrant plant, TNF replenishes the dermal layers with your body’s own regenerative cells.

Unlike artificial injectable products that produce their best results immediately and then gradually decline over time, areas treated with your own TNF continue to improve over many months and even years.

Please check back soon for more information, or reach out to Info@TulipAesthetics.com or (800) 325-6526 to learn more.


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