Master Collections 2020

For many years Tulip's vision has been to deliver the benefits of fat to millions of patients through collaboration with you, the leading-edge practitioner. But how do Tulip products benefit you and the profitability of your practice? 
We've created the Beyond the Benefits monthly product spotlights to focus on the ways we can help deliver efficiency, peace of mind, competitive edge, and profitability to your practice.

October Spotlight 

Personalized Breast Enhancement

with or without implants, for aesthetic and reconstructive applications
Why patients want Tulip’s Personalized Breast Enhancement with fat:

Aesthetic patients are more and more seeking breast enhancement procedures that are more natural-looking and feeling than implants alone. The implant “look” is a legacy look that is not appealing to most of today’s patients. However, many patients don’t realize there are very natural and low-risk alternatives that utilize the patient’s own fat to enhance the breast.

Patients are happily surprised to learn that they can achieve moderately increased volume in their breasts with fat from other parts of their bodies. If they want a larger volume result, fat from their body can be layered on top of implants to soften and mask the implant and to treat asymmetries that implants alone cannot treat. Read about composite augmentation >

More and more patients are seeking explantation of their silicone implants for preventative reasons. Fat makes an ideal low-risk replacement that comes with no foreign body health concerns. Read about explantation replacement with fat >

Reconstruction patients, who have experienced enough trauma already, can expect even more benefits from fat. Rebuilding the breast complex with fat (or implants and fat) offers the doctor the tools they need to reform a normal breast shape. If radiation therapy has left the patient with painful Radiation-Induced Fibrosis (RIF), fat injected into the area can soften the tissue and help relieve the pain caused by RIF.  Read about pain relief after reconstruction >

And finally, let’s talk about the aging décolletage - a challenging area to treat, yet a region where millions of aging women would like rejuvenation. Tulip’s True NanoFat can effectively treat the sun-damaged, thin-skinned décolletage. Published scientific articles demonstrate the rejuvenating and regenerative results obtained by intradermal injections of Tulip’s True NanoFat into the décolletage. Read about Nanofat for décolletage >

How adding Tulip’s Personalized Breast Enhancement to your procedure offerings benefits you and your practice:


The Tulip Master Collections for Personalized Breast Enhancement contain everything you need to perform these procedures. No scrambling for all the right instruments and accessories.

We know how valuable counter space is in a treatment room or O.R. The patented Tulip NanoSpin Crown System for adipose centrifugation, included in the Master Collection, is compact, quiet, and easily transportable by even the most petite staff member. And it’s quiet so everyone can listen to the music.

In short, the Tulip Master Collection for Personalized Breast Enhancement is designed to make set-up, use, and clean up pleasant and efficient.

Peace of Mind

Traditional adipose processing systems often leave the patient’s graft exposed to air during centrifugation. The Tulip NanoSpin Crown system protects the integrity of the graft by keeping it enclosed during the processing cycle. It also protects your staff from centrifuge-generated aerosol bio-contaminants.

Competitive Edge

Most patients aren't aware they have the adipose option for breast augmentation, explantation, or reconstruction procedures. They also aren’t aware that the regenerative benefits of using Tulip MicroFat and Tulip True NanoFat are cumulative and only improve over time. When you can explain to your patients that you can take some unwanted fat from another part of their body, enhance or rebuild their breasts with their own tissue, you and your patient both win.

To the aging patient, décolletage rejuvenation can be a delightful option. Your competitors likely do not offer any effective treatment for this common problem. You can offer this as a standalone or an add-on, and this article recently published by Dr. Ramon Llull in the PRS journal explains why treating aging skin with Tulip’s True NanoFat works. View Dr. Llull"s article >

You can make yourself and your practice stand apart by providing potential patients with the published articles referenced above to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of these procedures. You can assure your patients that with you, they are choosing a leading-edge doctor who practices proven techniques backed by solid science.


No matter how effective the procedures you offer are, the bottom line is your bottom line. Here’s how the Tulip Master Collection for Personalized Breast Enhancement can help enhance your profitability.

Whether you choose the reusable Master Collection or the single-use Master Collection, you can see below your per-patient costs and the value your investment can add to your cash flow.

Master Collection Single-use SoftBreast + TNF + NanoSpin Crown System

Per Patient Cost: $544.60
SoftBreast Kit


Master Collection SoftBreast + TNF + NanoSpin Crown System 

Per Patient Cost: $451.40

Other Available Master Collections Options:

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The Reusable Tulip Master Collection + The NanoSpin Crown System







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