Solutions for Breast & Decolletage

The Tulip SoftBreast™ System

Add volume and softness safely using your patients own autologous tissue. Lipoaugmentation breast enhancement is ideal for achieving a more natural fuller look.

SoftBreast TNF™

Use Tulip NanoFat™ (TNF) for skin rejuvenation and use the SoftBreast system for volume enhancement.

The Tulip SoftBreast with TNF system includes all the tools necessary to perform a fat grafting procedure to the breast in conjunction with TNF-based decolletage rejuvenation.


Tulip partners with the San Diego Academy of Regenerative Therapies (SDARTs) to offer training in breast augmentation and rejuvenation using the Tulip SoftBreast system.

Visit for educational opportunities, available both online and in person.


Check out the following articles on fat grafting for breast enhancement.



See the SoftBreast with TNF system in use. Watch the following videos.



Micro Kit™

Micro Kit™

Tulip Nano SoftBreast Set - Reusable

Tulip Nano SoftBreast Set - Reusable

Micro Set™ - Reusable

Micro Set™ - Reusable

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